The number one cause for carpet ripples is improper installation when the carpet is first laid. Over time, because the carpet was not properly stretched onto the tack strip, it will begin to bunch. If not taken care of it can permanently damage your carpet. Our experienced technicians will power stretch your carpet to get it drum tight the way it should be.  We also provide a two year warranty on the carpet stretching labor. Our starting price for carpet stretching is up to 200 square feet of carpet stretching for $180.00. If the room/rooms are more than 200 square feet, the price is $.90 per square foot. The technician will take exact measurements when he comes onsite. We only charge off of what we actually stretch. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot just stretch the area you see that has rippled. You do have to stretch the entire piece of carpet. This means that all of the furniture would have to be removed from the rooms we are stretching prior to our arrival. We only send one technician to your house so If you will need help moving your furniture, we do partner with a fantastic moving company. They offer our customers a discounted rate and will move your furniture out and then back in at the same appointment, working around our technician. Our company will schedule the movers to come out at the same time as our technician so you are not dealing with multiple companies. Feel free to take approximate measurements of your rooms or hallways that need to be stretched and then call our office at 480-360-4339. We can give you a free estimate over the phone based on your measurements. Typically we can have a technician out to your home within two to three days. If you need the movers they do book a couple of weeks out.