Buckeye Carpet Repair

Buckeye Carpet Repair

This carpet damage is from a pet clawing at the carpet to tile edge.  Those tack strips poling through can really hurt if you catch one walking by.  If you have tack strip exposed anywhere in your home, a quick fix you can do until you can get the repair done is to...

Chandler Doorway Carpet Repair

On average half of our calls are from customers that need a repair. It is common that the damage was caused by a pet. These types of repairs are very common for us and we are great at doing them.

Damaged Carpet at Tile Edge

We aren’t sure why, but dogs sure love carpet to tile edges.  Whether there was some food spilled there or they see it as a chew toy, regardless of the reason Arizona Carpet Repair and Cleaning can come to your rescue!  Check out this damaged carpet at tile edge...