Carpet Stretching is the most thorough and responsible way to repair carpet that has become loose or is bunching up in areas of your home. Using our certified technicians can help you prevent permanent, Do-It-Yourself damage and have your carpet back to it’s original state. This customer had “speed bumps” in several rooms of his house. Our tech was able to use a power stretching tool which has pins on one end that grips the carpet and a long pole that extends across the room and rests on the baseboard on the opposite wall. We expanded the pole and stretched the carpet in one direction. Then we moved the tool a few feet and did the same process all the way down one side of the room and we got 2″-3″ out of the carpet. Next, we did the same stretching process in the other direction to make sure the carpet was as tight as possible without damaging it. We also provide a 2 year warranty on our power stretching labor.

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