We know that carpet needs vacuumed regularly to get the dirt that gets brought in to our homes. If you have a two story or multiple level home you probably have stairs. Also, like most people you are probably more likely to vacuum and clean downstairs over the rest of your house, next likely to vacuum upstairs and probably only vacuum your stairs occasionally.  It is very common for stairs to get overlooked and not cleaned and vacuumed as often as they should. Don’t forget the stairs, they need cleaned too, and they can get a lot of foot traffic and spills if drinks and/or food is being carried upstairs.

I don’t know anyone that enjoys vacuuming stairs. It can be a very awkward and troublesome task. You don’t want to accidentally drop your vacuum down the stairs, and physically it can be demanding as your vacuum somehow manages to get heavier and heavier as you go. Some people will use hand-held vacuums which are lightweight and cordless or use attachments to tackle this task, and others will be relegated to getting creative with what they have. These stairs in Glendale needed a good, deep cleaning.  If you don’t like cleaning stairs with the rest of the general population, let us tackle this undesirable task for you.

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