Carpets go through a lot. They get walked on, run on, spilled on, things drug across them, peed on and puked on among other things.  It is very important that your carpets also get their clean on regularly.  Your carpets are an investment that you want to make last for you and your family.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets should regularly be deep cleaned every 12-18 months not only for their longevity and looks, but also sometimes to not void their warranty.  It is recommended that you use a good vacuum so that the dust and allergens are not being blown back in the air, and let the professionals take care of your carpet using hot water extraction.

Deep cleaning is important to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. There are many unseen things that are taken care of with deep cleaning such as allergens, dust, dust mites, pollen, etc., as your carpet is a sort of catch all for your air.  Hot water extraction is recognized as the preferred method of cleaning from the IICRC and carpet manufacturers.   Professional truck mounted systems have several advantages over other cleaning methods.  They have more power to heat the water and power of vacuum and faster cleaning and drying times.

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