Bleach has been a staple in many homes over the years and is well known for it’s ability to whiten, remove stains, disinfect and sterilize. Most people use bleach for one use or another in regular household cleaning.  Bleach may splatter a little accidentally here and there causing light or white spots on clothing and linens.  Sometimes the accidental splatter may cause our favorite shirt or pants to become ruined.  Although, one method for bleach stains is using a dye pen to add color back to the effected area, this method can be very tricky.

If you have accidentally spilled bleach on your carpet and now have a permanent light or white spot, don’t despair. You don’t need to replace your entire carpet. Arizona Carpet Repair and Cleaning can repair the effected area(s) and allow you to keep your carpet. This bleach stain is repaired in Phoenix by our talented carpet technicians, who can help you forget that the mishap ever occurred. Since bleach is a chemical stain, it is a permanent discoloration. The damaged area is removed and replaced with a patch of non-damaged carpet.

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